What a way to start the New Year!

In 2015 I spent my New Years Day working! Some would frown on that but, I was full of excitement because I was starting the New Year working on my new business. Moreover, I would be witnessing two people in love getting married.

Lori Levine & Jan van Arsdale had the most amazing day! I have never felt such love in the room whether I was in the Bridal suite with Lori and her girls or in Jan’s room with the guys, each room was filled with love! It moved me. I was very at peace in the presence of these two.

It was also a full production! LOL!  There was the photographer ,Trent Bailey, working his magic, the wedding was being filmed for an AOL docuseries, “Connected” and wedding planner Cassandra Bette was keeping all of us on time and on task. What an amazing team! It is a day I will never forget

Fast forward to 2016 and Lori presented me with a fantastic gift! Her wedding was being featured in Martha Stewart Weddings! Woohoo! Please follow the link below to see their beautiful day.


Also, take a look at this amazing video . It gives you a real peek into this amazing day. Look closely and you can see yours truly doing her bridal styling magic!

What a way to start the year!

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With Wedding Bells on!