Welcome to I DO I DO I DO!

I DO I DO I DO  is the business of my dreams! I began brainstorming about it after a conversation with a makeup artist friend of mine. He worked with Brides and said that I should offer Brides my expertise of Fashion Styling for their weddings. It sounded great but, I didn’t know where or how to start. I wrote a business plan in 2009 to flesh out the details, completed it but, still had no idea on how to reach my Brides. I put the business to the side and just continued my freelance work as a Fashion Stylist.

Fast forward 5 years later and I got a call from a colleague that she knew a Bride who was looking for a “dresser” for her wedding. Eureka! This was exactly what I had been waiting for! I reached out to the Bride, Alexa Hammer, and my service was born. Alexa’s wedding led to her sister, Alicia’s wedding and the rest is a marriage made in heaven!

In 2014 this service got a name, I DO I DO I DO, and designing of the website began. On January 1, 2015, I officially had my first client, the lovely Lori Levine,  as I DO I DO I DO!

I love what I do for my Brides! Taking care of them, their wedding gowns and making their photo sessions “magazine perfect” is a special privilege that I take very seriously. Being a fly on the wall on such a special day, seeing the love and joy, makes my job not even feel like work.

Please take a look at the Services page and see all of the different ways I can assist you from your engagement to you honeymoon. I have a few trusted friends in the industry that you may need too. Go to the Recommended Vendors page and check them out. Don’t forget to say you heard about them from I DO I DO I DO.

No wedding is too big or too small. There is a service for everyone and every budget. It is a great gift to give a Bride you know! Browse the site, tell a friend and stay in touch with us through social media.

When you say yes, come to I DO I DO I DO!


With Wedding bells on,